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Wal-Mart launches to attack unions

Wal-Mart, critics slam each other on Web

By MARCUS KABEL, AP Business Writer
Tue Jul 18, 8:18 PM ET

[...] was started last week by Working
Families for Wal-Mart, a group funded primarily by
Wal-Mart, to reveal what it described as "the real
motives of the union leaders behind the campaign
against Wal-Mart."

It characterized one of its leading critics, Andrew
Grossman of union-backed Wal-Mart Watch, as "a
political operative with a checkered past" in a
section called "Paid Critic of the Week" that also
lambasted Wayne Hanley, head of the Canadian chapter
of the United Food and Commercial Workers union.

The site is part of Wal-Mart's aggressive defense
since last year against its increasingly organized
critics. Wal-Mart won't say how much it is spending,
but it has set up a political campaign-style "war
room" staffed by consultants, hired Washington D.C.
lobbyists, formed the Working Families group and
created another Web site called Wal-Mart Facts.

In response to the new site, union-funded started its own Web site Tuesday,,
which attacks the retailer's public relations and
lobbying figures.

"These great guys who love to stretch the truth (or
what mom called liars) honed their special Wal-Mart
skills on an array of right wing political campaigns,"
the Web site reads.
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